Welcome to the library of the TH Wildau!

The library of the University of Applied Sciences Wildau (TH Wildau) is happy offer its services to all TH students (approx. 3600), its staff, and to everybody outside the University as well.  Our main occupation is not only to administrate information, but also to offer high quality services to our clients and supply and encourage research and education.

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The library as a public service

Use of the local services in the library is free. In order to register at our library it is only necessary to present any type of photo ID. Students and staff of the TH Wildau must present their university card (Chipkarte), where all the data needed for registration is stored.  For users who are not affiliated with the university, an external user card will be issued, which serves as identification for future transactions in the library, such as loans, renewals, access to the virtual library, etc. The registration process is fast and effective, and as soon as it is completed, you may borrow books, periodicals, CD’s, etc. available at our library. The use of books and other media within the library does not require previous registration.

Upon entering the library, you are kindly requested to put your purses, portfolios and/or backpacks in the lockers on the first floor of the library. 1€ is needed to access the lockers. Please do not use plastic chips as they are not suitable for the locks! To carry your laptop, books and other work material around the library, we provide baskets, which you’ll find right next to the lockers. You are not allowed to eat in the library and please only take closable plastic water bottles to your work desks. Classification of the information The stock of the library is located at Halle 10 on the campus of the TH Wildau.

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The collection

In our library, you will mainly find information about the subjects taught at the university, since the books, periodicals, CD’s, etc. are ordered and primarily used by our professors and students. Other types of books like novels, travel literature, popular magazines, music CD’s and movies on DVD can be borrowed at the public library of Wildau. The library is divided into different sections with the purpose of simplifying the search for readers and making it easier for them to find the wanted information. It consists of a periodicals rack located on the third floor of the building, where you’ll find the magazines of the present year in alphabetical order. Compilations of older periodicals are stocked on the shelves right next to the periodicals rack. The freehand stock is located on the second and third floor of the library and can be borrowed for four weeks. The non-circulation collection is labelled with a red dot on the spine and may not be borrowed. The books can be found on the second and third floor in between the freehand stock. In our textbook collection you will find several copies and even multiple editions of books. These are marked as LBS at the end of their call numbers and can be borrowed for a maximum of three months. The collection is situated on the first floor. On the third floor of the building you have open access to every thesis written by the students of the TH ordered by study path. Excluded are those papers who received a blocking notice. Information about the entire stock can be obtained through our virtual library system called webOPAC, which you can access through the homepage of the TH.

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Order and classification of books

Each medium of the library has a different call number. This shelfmark is following a certain classification scheme which provides the chance to shelve books of the same topic in one group. Each number contains important information about the book, and it makes the search and borrowing process faster and easier for the users. Here is an example to explain a book’s call number:

0 TBM 7 (4) -3 + … LBS 0

indicates that this book can be borrowed without restrictions TBM defines the academic field, in this case, mathematics 7 is the serial number (numerus currens), which reveals how many books exist within that same academic field in the library of the TFH (4) indicates the edition -3 gives information about the volume LBS defines that there are several copies of this book in the text book collection, which may be borrowed for a maximum of 3 months. The periodicals have another classification scheme and will be recognized by their call number, which begins with a Z and is accompanied by a number.

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Other services In order to facilitate access to publications that are not available in our collection, we offer interlibrary loan (Fernleihe) at a 1,50 € fee per item. This service is possible because the library of the TH Wildau is part of a network of German libraries, including the main and greater libraries of Berlin and Brandenburg.

We appreciate suggestions to purchase books; ones which in your opinion would be a valuable addition to our stock. These will be taken into consideration according to financial possibilities and/or necessities of the library. There are several PC’s and terminals at your disposal and all of them have access to the Internet and to the virtual library that can be used without personal identification. On our website  you find information about library regulations, directions, links, etc.

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The website also provides access to the online catalogue webOPAC  containing all available media. webOPAC enables you to check if a book is available. Furthermore, you can reserve and/or order media, suggest a purchase, make a list of searched books, etc. You can search a book in the database by author, title, institution, call number, ISBN and by keywords. You will even be able to place an interlibrary loan request in webOPAC. When signing into webOPAC with your chipcard number (the number below the barcode on the back of your card) and your password (the first 4 digits of your birthdate), you will be able to see your library account status, extend the loan period, change your personal data and personalize a search.

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Working rooms

For study groups, silent learning or project work, the library offers several rooms for hire: On the third floor you find four carrels for 1-2 students each, which can be hired up to one week in advance. They are furnished with a desk and a computer with internet access. Our media library gives the opportunity to work in groups with nine stationary computers, a plasma screen and several other features. Another room for approximately ten people is located on the second floor. To hire any of those rooms, please speak to our staff members at the information desk.

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 To print, to copy?

To print or copy your documents, the library of the TH provides a copier with a print function; it can only be paid by using the student identity card. The photocopy room is located on the right hand side of the information desk on the first floor.

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Information on opening hours and lending

The maximum loan period for a student is 3 months for those books carrying a LBS signature, four weeks for books of the freehand stock, two weeks for periodicals and a weekend for books holding a red dot on their spines, which normally belong to the non-circulation collection. With the exception of the latter, all media can be extended up to two times; you can do that via internet, by phoning us or by using our terminals in the library. In the case of exceeding the return date, delay fines will be charged continuously. It must be taken into account that the loan period can also vary according to your library member card type. Books that belong to other libraries and are borrowed through the system of interlibrary loan will have different loan periods and conditions. The amount of books that can be borrowed simultaneously is limited to the following: Professors up to 200, Staff 150, Students 70, Other users 20.

The opening hours of the library are: Monday – Friday 09:00am – 08.00pm During the months of vacation, the opening hours change: Monday – Friday 09:00am – 06:00pm On Saturdays, when the long-distance learners study at the TFH, the library will be opened from 09:00am – 02:00pm. You can withdraw the exact dates from the university’s homepage.

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Interesting data

There are 7 staff members and 4 apprentices working at the library, who provide their services to ensure that more than 700 visitors a day may get just the information they need to find their way through 94.000 books and 150 periodical titles. We use an integrated library system OCLC PICA, SISIS-Sunrise, to speed up the work process and be able to make an approximate of 60.000 loans per year. Simultaneously our media supply grows by an average of 6.000 items annually. We offer access to the online catalogue and Internet through more than 30 terminals and 13 PC’s. The library of the TH Wildau also offers access to 11 different databases. In order to use those you must log on to the homepage of the database while being on the campus of the TH or install the VPN-Client  Below you can find a list of the databases


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