On 11th April 2008 the Final Workshop of the INTERREG IIIb CADSES project interim (Integration in the intermodal goods transport of non EU states: Rail, inland/coastal waterway modes) was held at the University of Applied Sciences in Wildau.
Presentations of the Final Workshop
Agenda (181KB)





The further integration of the neighbourhood countries of the EU is a central challenge for the CADSES area. Especially, sustainable transport relations in the CADSES area are needed to promote the further integration into the Single European Market. Interoperability in terms of goods is a backbone for this issue.

The project will demonstrate with selected intermodal transport chains (rail, inland waterway and harbour-hinterland) how such integration can be implemented with respect to intermodal market and spatial development. Experiences and conclusions from the common work can be generalised for the implementation in other countries and integration fields.


Aims of the Project

The INTERIM project defined the following strategic objectives to be achieved in the longterm perspective:

1. Improvement of cooperation in the CADSES area

This includes the improvement of administrative, economic and transport structures related to spatial planning and development in general and intermodal transport planning and operations specifically. Coordinated operation of the institutions meets in more effective management and more profound decisions.

2. Integration of intermodal transport issues into spatial planning and regional development concepts

This is a step to crosssectoral coordination and harmonisation of spatial planning and development instruments in the respective countries and the wider CADSES area.

3. Joint use of IT-based planning and information tools (pilot: intermodal goods transport)

These results generate a European added value beyond CADSES itself as the tools can be adapted to further countries and to Trans-European transport network's demands.

Concrete results will be

Interim CADSES Directions

1. Overview (reports) over:

  • (Trans)- Regional development schemes
  • Intermodal infrastructure, operators and services
  • Regional interfaces / missing links
  • Demand for intermodal services
  • Accessibility and interconnectivity of regions
  • Intermodal performances

2. Concepts for:

  • intermodal liner services
  • value added services
  • Harbour-hinterland connections
  • Intermodal action plan: Suggestions for an integration of intermodal issues in regional development plans, Missing links, Organisational issues, etc.

3. IT Tool:

  • Intermodal integration platform (B2B): Contact data of actors, capacities, technical requirements and constraints. Used as support for the extension of intermodal networks.
  • Intermodal information platform for transport and regional development administrations (A2A): Information about intermodal transport modes and their impacts on regional development plans. This can be shown for improved integration such as intermodal transport issues in spatial planning, understanding of industrial and regional needs, and assessment of the effects of network changes.




         Implementation: VIOM GmbH Berlin 

Further Information

The project is part-financed by the INTERREG III B CADSES Neighbourhood Programme of the European Union.

Budget: 1.2 Mio. € (including all European co-funding)

Duration of the project: 01 May 2006 to 30 April 2008