Cluster Management Education
09/2019 - 08/2022

Cluster Management Education

Entwicklung und Erprobung einer länderübergreifenden Cluster Management Weiterbildung im Ostseeraum

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Cluster Management Education

In diesem internationalen Projekt geht es um die Entwicklung eines curricularen Ausbildungsprogramms für Cluster Manager/innen.

In der dreijährigen Projektlaufzeit werden die Partner/innen aus Schweden, Finnland, Litauen und Deutschland gemeinsam ein Programm entwickeln, um Personen, die als Cluster Manager/innen oder Technologie bzw. Transferscouts arbeiten bzw. arbeiten wollen, besser für ihre Tätigkeit zu qualifizieren.

Das Ausbildungsprogamm soll einen zeitlichen Umfang von 12 Monaten haben.

Projektbeschreibung und ZieleBereich öffnenBereich schließen

Entwicklung und Erprobung einer länderübergreifenden Cluster Management Weiterbildung im Ostseeraum.


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Das Projekt wird im Rahmen von ERASMUS+ gefördert.

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09/2019 bis 08/2022

Workshops und EventsBereich öffnenBereich schließen

  • 25.-26.02.2020 Transnational Meeting in Germany at TH Wildau
    "Curriculum Workshop 3 and Reference Group Meeting"

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Cluster Management is a highly demanding work which requires a set of good skills, ranging from
strategy preparation skills to human resource management and internationalisation skills. Today,
there is no clear definition of the work role Cluster Manager, and therefore no defined education for
this work category. There are a few commissioned educations, but nothing in northern Europe nor in
the BSR. In the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region (EUSBSR) Policy Area Innovation highlights
clusters as one of three strategic policy instruments. In a pre-study performed within the Baltic
Leadership Programme for Cluster Managers, the main conclusion emphasize the need for a
systemic and multilevel take on leadership and cooperation.

The main objective of this project is to define the work role of Cluster Managers and thereby improve
cluster management in BSR cluster organisations
, by developing and piloting a 1-year cross-border
Cluster Manager training with ECVET validation

The strategic partnership consists of seven partners, both educational organisations and cluster
organisations, from four countries (Sweden, Finland, Lithuania and Germany).

- NetPort Science Park (Lead Partner, Sweden) with extensive experience from project
management, manages NetPort Energy Cluster and Edtech Southeast Sweden.

- The Technical University of Applied Sciences Wildau (Germany) - Technische Hochschule Wildau
(TH Wildau) - teaching and research in technical subject such as Photonics, Telematics,
Biosciences, engineering as well as economics.

- Lithuanian food exporters association (LitMEA, Lithuania) is managing the SMART food cluster,
who with its 20 members from agrofood, food processing and manufacturing sectors, help cluster
members to enhance competitiveness in foreign markets, bringing together the capabilities of the
companies, competencies and contacts.

- Kaunas University of Technology (KTU, Lithuania) a technological university in Lithuania with
interdisciplinarity, internationality, innovation and technology transfer as well as integration of
sustainability as key objectives.

- Technology Centre Oy Merinova Ab (Finland) coordinates and manages the EnergyVaasa cluster in
Vaasa, promoting the growth, competitiveness and success of the cluster companies by offering
facilitation of cooperation between cluster members, joint marketing and visibility activities, staff
recruitment campaigns, internationalisation activities and access to public support and funding.

- The University of Vaasa (UVA, Finland) is a business-oriented, multidisciplinary, and highly
international university with the main disciplinary areas in technology, business economics, public
management and communication.

- Hyper Island (Sweden) is a education company specialized in digital and interactive media with fulltime
programs and master’s degrees, online and on-site courses. Hyper Island designs
transformative learning experiences to enable growth for individuals and for businesses and to help
them adapt to rapidly changing times.

Project results:
- A new and well-prepared curriculum for training of cluster managers
- 20 cluster managers trained with the new curriculum
- At least 100 European clusters made aware of the new cluster management curriculum and

Project impact and long-term effects:
- Clusters with a professionalising management will be more effective, efficient and successful and
contribute to a more dynamic economic development of the cluster and beyond.
- Improved availability of tailor made training for cluster managers is assumed to result in a long-term
increased interest in cluster management and cluster management training.
- Improved cluster management practices of the clusters in the Baltic Sea Region.
- Better cluster services to SMEs - leading to improved competitiveness of the companies and
improved regional development and growth.
- A higher number and proportion of clusters in Europe achieving the Gold and Silver Labels in
cluster management.

	Prof. Dr. rer. pol. Dana Mietzner

Ansprechpartnerin für das Projekt: Prof. Dr. rer. pol. Dana Mietzner Prof. Dr. rer. pol. Dana Mietzner

Tel.: +49 3375 508 199
Haus 16, Raum 2077

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	M.A. Markus Vossel

Ansprechpartner für das Projekt M.A. Markus Vossel M.A. Markus Vossel

Tel.: +49 3375 508 673
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