European Narratives: Book Presentation and Reading
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European Narratives: Book Presentation and Reading

Art der Veranstaltung: Vortrag / Vorlesung
Ort: TUAS Wildau University Library
Veranstalter: Dr. Gregory Bond

Book Presentation on 20 December 2017, TUAS Wildau University Library

European Narratives. Twenty International Students Tell Their Stories of Europe

A Wildau University publication based on a creative writing project in the master's programme in European Management

See here for the book.

Authors present: Alesia Ehrhardt, Marcela Barrera, Lisa Otto, Alisa Schmid, and the editor Greg Bond

All welcome!

In recent years, Europe has been facing difficult times. There is a perceived need to legitimise the European project anew. The attraction of Europe to so many people outside Europe is undisputed, while within Europe the challenges seem to be greater than ever. Through focusing on the challenges, Europeans may forget what Europe has achieved.

This book takes a different perspective – that of young people from all over the world studying in Europe, asking themselves what Europe means to them. They write about their own lives, beyond ideology, with remarkable perception and insight into contemporary and historical Europe. Together these stories provide a complex European narrative, in which questions as to shared aspirations are raised. The stories are full of passion and energy. They are humorous and serious, and some of them will move you to tears. They are stories about how travel, leaving home and arriving somewhere else changes people, about how meeting people in new cultures and places leads to self-reflection, and about how this can challenge values and stereotypes. They are stories about falling in love. These are views from inside and outside Europe, and they offer a compelling answer to the question as to what Europe is – or can be.

Ansprechperson: Dr. Gregory Bond
Tel.: +49 3375 508 366
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