Day of Teaching 2019
Studierende erarbeiten gemeinsam Inhalte
Students ONLY

Day of Teaching 2019

Day of Teaching 2019 - Students ONLY

The 6th Day of Teaching will be organized in cooperation with the Student Council (StuRa), as we would like the greatest possible participation and involvement of the students in the current strategic processes (particularly regarding the teaching concept).

That's why we want to talk intensively with you!

WHEN: on Tuesday, November 26th, 2019 from 15:00 - 16:30

WHERE: In the student club "Olymp" (House 19)

WHO: Students ONLY - NO professors or lecturers


        +++ Food and drinks +++

        +++ As a thank you for your active participation, we fulfill a wish of the StuRa for the "Olymp".+++

WHAT: You are invited! We want to get into discussion with you:

What and how do you want to learn? (TEACHING)

  • How does your IDEAL lecturer teach?
  • What does your IDEAL course look like?
  • What form does the IDEAL support in your self-study take?
  • What does IDEAL counselling for your studies mean for you?
  • What is your IDEAL study day like?

    --> How could it be implemented?

Which values ​​are important to you? (VALUES)

  • What role does sustainability play?
  • Technology, progress and improvements at any price?
  • Is the most important point to get a well-paid job?
  • What do you think about data, data privacy, learning analytics and data literacy?
  • Equal opportunities for everybody - is that possible?

    --> How could it be implemented?

What makes your desired campus? (CAMPUS LIFE)

  • What does your IDEAL learning site look like?
  • What do you want to experience besides learning?
  • What else do you need to identify with Campus Wildau?
  • Which formats for participation do you want?
  • Do you have any other ideas?

    --> How could it be implemented?

The more people come, the better! We would like to hear everyone’s opinions and, of course, the higher the participation, the higher the prizes for the entire student body!

StuRa and SeL²
(Student Council and Service Learning and Teaching)

To express our thanks for your participation in the Teaching Day, we want to donate one of the following items to "Olymp":

  • a pool table…
  • a  beverage cooler…
  • or just a dartboard?

The value of the profit depends on your participation.

Every participation counts!