Ukrainian Academy: Past, Present and Future
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Ukrainian Academy: Past, Present and Future

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Ukrainian Academy: Past, Present and Future

We cordially invite You into the Library of the Technical University of Applied Sciences Wildau to visit exhibitions:

  • “50 Inventions Bestowed by Ukraine to the World”  
  • “Ukrainian academy at wartime” 


Exhibitions can be visited also ONLINE at TH Wildau virtual (Ukrainian cademy at wartime) and at the Ukrainian Presidential Administration (50 inventions that Ukraine gives to the world).


Exhibitions will be open for general public for one month (November 9 to December 20, 2023):

  • “50 Inventions Bestowed by Ukraine to the World” presents the achievements of Ukrainian science. There is hardly anybody who is not using WhatsApp or has not heard about The Big Bang theory, but what do they have to do with Ukraine? Professional illustrators followed the footsteps of Ukrainian inventors and created 50 artworks highlighting the outstanding discoveries and inventions that arose from ingenuity of the researchers and engineers, surgeons and explorers of Ukraine.
  • With the new exhibition “Ukrainian academy at wartime”, the awareness on the resilience of the Ukrainian educational and scientific system is increased and its vital role in the full-scale resistance to the Russian aggression. The non-stop work and mobilized resources made possible not only continuing education, but also saving lives. The exhibition pays tribute to the killed students with „Unissued diplomas“ pieces as well as draws attention to the destroyed academic infrastructure. With this exhibition, it is aimed to highlight Ukrainian academy’ resilience in facing the war challenges and support to the nation in its fight for freedom.

Finally we will overview how Ukrainian-German cooperation was transformed in wartime and discuss how to support and rebuild academia in Ukraine in future.

PROGRAM (Nov 9, 2023)

  • 16.00-17:00 – Official opening vernissage (in German) in library, house 10:

    • Welcome

      • Prof. Dr. Ulrike Tippe, President of TH Wildau

      • Counselor Alisa Podolyak, Embassy of Ukraine in Berlin

    • Intro

      • Prof. Dr. Marcus Frohme, holder of the research professorship in molecular biology for German-Ukrainian cooperation at TH Wildau

      • Dr. Anna Grebinyk for TH Wildau prize, idea and event realization

    • Ukrainian music (piano and vocals) by Prof. Dr. Alina Nechyporenko, TH Wildau:

      • Yakiv Stepovy Prelude F-dur: Pour piano: Op. 12, p. 1

      • What a Moonlit Night (Ukrainian: Ніч яка місячна), Words: Mykhailo Starytskyi, Composer: Mykola Lysenko

      • Ukraine is You (Ukrainian: Україна - це ти), Words: Tina Karol, Mykola Brovchenko, Music: Tina Karol 

  • 17.00-18:00 – Visiting exhibitions in library, house 10:

    • Poster exhibition “50 Inventions Bestowed by Ukraine to the World” 

    • Exhibition “Ukrainian Academy at Wartime”

  • 18.00 – 20.00: Small Talks (in English) in student club (StuK, house 19, 2 min walk from the library) with authentic Ukrainian food & German beer:

    • Prof. Dr. Marcus Frohme and Prof. Dr. Alina Nechyporenko, TH Wildau “Cooperation between TH Wildau and Ukrainian universities”, 20 min

    • Dr. Detlef Eisenkrätzer and Mrs. Inna Mishchenko, Roche Diagnostics GmbH “Ukrainian Scientists in Internships or Jobs in German Industry”, 20 min

    • Prof. Dr. Vitaliy Gargin, Kharkiv National Medical University “Influence of active war on Pathological Anatomy service”, 10 min

    • Dr. Iryna Kompanets, Ruhr University Bochum “Wartime challenge for Taras Shevchenko Kyiv University: fighting, teaching, researching, collaborating” 10 min

    • Dr. Viktoriia Alieksieieva, Kharkiv National Medical University, Ukraine “Deep Learning-Based Recognition of Personality of the War Victims Using Sphenoid Sinus Structure”, 10 min

    • Dr. Dmytro Chumachenko, Kharkiv Aerospace University 'Kharkiv Aviation Institute”, Ukraine, 10 min

    • Open Discussion: German-Ukrainian cooperation as an asset in sustainable recovery and development of Ukrainian academy