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Freight ans Logistics Advancement - Validtaion, Implementation and Application

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Die vollelektrische intermodale Lieferkette.

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Public Energy Alternatives

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Scandinavian-Adriatic Corridor for Growth and Innovation

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EURIFTBereich öffnenBereich schließen provides direct access to up to date information from the world of intermodal freight transport (IFT) in Europe such as:

  • company profiles,
  • best practice examples,
  • legislation,
  • news,
  • events,

Information which otherwise is widely dispersed and therefore difficult to access. The single point of access to IFT information makes the EURIFT portal a valuable tool for professional users from industry, research, politics, administrations and training. EURIFT works closely together with several international institutions, e.g. the EIA (European Intermodal Association).

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