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pro_digital is the future one-stop shop for the twin digital and green transformation in the Brandenburg region.

pro_digital will support and assist startups, SMEs and midcaps and governmental organisations in their steps towards a higher digital maturity for a more resilient, sustainable, circular, regenerative, green economic growth.


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For startups, SME and midcaps and public services primarily located in the region of Brandenburg. But pro_digital also plans to offer services to target groups outside the Brandenburg region.

To close the gap in the digital skills of the workforce in the private and public sectors, pro_digital offers different training services to help them with the qualification and requalification of the labor force. Through upskilling and reskilling services and peer-to-peer learning, pro_digital will support SMEs in the region in enhancing their digital maturity as well as will encourage them to use and develop friendly technologies and sustainable solutions.


What does pro_digital plan to offer?

pro_digital provides a portfolio of services for the target groups to access:

  • access to upskilling and re-skilling services for the regional workforce
  • access to test before invest services, facilities and expertise
  • access to information on public and private funding for digitalisation


Who is pro_digital?

pro_digital is the European Digital Innovation Hub (EDIH) for Brandenburg selected by the first EDIH call of the European Commission (DG CNECT) and funded by the Digital Europe Programme. pro_digital is a joint partnership of THW and BTU. Both organisations have a long and consolidated experience in knowledge and technology transfer to SMEs and GOs.

Current and previous expertise has been gained through recently national funded projects such as the Mittelstand 4.0-Kompetenzzentrum Cottbus (funded by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology, this is a competence center for the SMEs), the Innovation Hub 13 (funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research), and the the Digital Innovation Hub Innovation Center Modern Industry Brandenburg (DIH IMI) among many many others!

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In the context of pro_digital, TH Wildau works with specific associated EDIHs and located in the Baltic Sea Region e. g.:

  • Sweden: Digital Impact North (Coordinator: Britta Duve Hansen, Mobileheights).
  • Finland: 5STAR eCorridors with a focus on logistics and mobility (Coordinator: Harri Kulmala, DIMECC).
  • Poland: Wro4DigITal (Coordinator: Emilia Mazgajczick, Wroclaw Technology Park).
  • Lithuania: DI4LithuanianID (Coordinators: Mindaugas Bulota and Mindaugas Kemzura, Kaunas Technology University).
  • Latvia: Digital Accelerator of Latvia (DAoL).
  • Denmark: AddSmart EDIH (Coordinator: Rikke Alexandra, Erhvervshus Nordjylland).

Additionally, the BTU collaborates with the Greek ReBrain Western Greece EDIH (Coordinator: Athanasios Kalogeras, University of the Peloponnese/ESDALab DIH).

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  • Raising digital awareness and changing the mindset of digital non-natives with startups leading by example
  • Increase of the digital transformation of the region by fostering collaboration between SMEs and startups

pro_digital will collaborate with startups in the region for enabling the digital transformation in the region via specific formats bringing together startups and SMEs/GOs and experts teams. Focus will be on the organisation of Innovation Camps, startup/SMEs safaris (topic-driven safaris), matchmaking events GOs/SMEs Startups and setup of working groups for startups SMEs/GOs on specific digital tools and applications.

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01/2023 bis 12/2025

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The pro_digital European Digital Innovation Hub (EDIH) is co-funded from the European Union’s DIGITAL EUROPE Programme research and innovation programme grant agreement No 101083754

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Contact details

  • TH Wildau: Dr. Ramila Amirikas, ramila.amirikas(at) Project Manager of pro_digital, Prof. Dr. rer. pol. habil. Benjamin Fabian, benjamin.fabian(at), Scientific Manager of pro_digital
  • BTU: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ulrich Berger, ulrich.berger(at), Chair of Automation Technology and Carsten Heintze, carsten.heintze(at), Contact of the EDIH pro_digital at BTU

more information

Contact details

Prof. Dr. Dana MietznerBereich öffnenBereich schließen

Tel.: +49 3375 508 199
Mail: dana.mietzner(at)
Haus 16, Raum 2077

Dipl.-Ing. Eva IsmerBereich öffnenBereich schließen

Research Associate
Tel.: +49 3375 508 757
Mail: eva.ismer(at)

Haus 16, Raum 2090

Bénédict Loesert-Albrecht (Bachelor of Science)Bereich öffnenBereich schließen

Research Associate

Haus 16, Raum 2091