10th International Frumkin Symposiumon Electrochemistry

10th International Frumkin Symposiumon Electrochemistry,

21.-23.10.2015, Moscow, Russia

Beiträge der AG Biosystemtechnik


F. Lisdat, D. Sarauli, C. Wettstein,
"The Communication of Fructose Dehydrogenase with Electrodes Exploiting Polymer-Enzyme Interaction"


S. C. Feifel, A. Kapp, R. Ludwig, F. Lisdat,
"Supramolecular Protein Arrangement on Electrodes: A Switchable Reaction Scheme for Dual-Analyte Detection"

K. R. Stieger, S. C. Feifel, F. Lisdat,
"Protein-Based photobioelectrodes of photosystem I using cytochrome c as natural conductive matrix element"