23rd Topical Meeting of ISE

23rd Topical Meeting of the International Society of Electrochemistry ISE

08.-11.05.2018, Vilnius, Lithuania

Beiträge der TH Wildau


F. Lisdat, (invited)
"Shining light on electrodes – applications in bioanalysis and bioenergetics"

D. Ciornii, F. Lisdat,
"Combining photosystem I with enzymes: a competitive reaction between a photocatalytic and an enzymatic pathway"


D. Ciornii, F. Lisdat,
"Implementation of functionalized Fullerene-C70 for connecting Photosystem I with electrodes"

S.C. Feifel, K.R. Stieger, A. Kapp, M. Hejazi, A. Zouni, P. Turano, F. Lisdat,
"Self exchange of cytochrome c as important pre-requisite for acting as electronic conduit in photoactive electrodes"