Electrochemistry 2018

Electrochemistry 2018

Electrochemical Surface Science: From Fundamentals to Applications

24.09. - 26.09.2018, Ulm, Germany

Beitrage der TH Wildau


F. Lisdat,
"Sensing strategies using light at electrode surfaces"

S. C. Feifel, K. S. Stieger, D. Ciornii, M. Hejazi, A. Zouni, F. Lisdat,
"Artificial and biomolecule-based approaches for the construction of photoenzymatic architectures: Applications in driving enzymatic reactions"

S. Zhao, H J. Völkner, M. Riedel, G. Witte, Z. Yue, F. Lisdat, W. J. Parak,
"Light-addressable sensors for multi-detections of glucose and sarcosine and their promising use for two-dimensional imaging"


G. Göbel, F. Lisdat,
"Fluorine doped tin oxide – an electrode material for the electrochemical discrimination of dopamine and related catecholamines"

D. Ciornii, F. Lisdat, S. Feifel, M. Hejazi, A. Zouni,
"Coupling photosystem I to electrodes by a dual approach"

S. C. Feifel, K. S. Stieger, M. Hejazi, X. Wang, M. Ilbert, A. Zouni, E. Lojou, F. Lisdat,
"Dihemic cytochrome c4 a non-natural electron conduit interconnecting photoenzymatic supercomplexes with interfaces"