Electrochemistry 2022

Electrochemistry, Berlin, 27.-30.09-2022

S. Morlock, K. R. Stieger, S. K. Subramanian, A. Zouni, F. Lisdat,
"Protein-mediated and Mediator-free Approaches for Photobiocathodes Combining Photosystem I and 3D Nanoparticular Indium Tin Oxide"

S. Höfs, G. Göbel, S. Morlock, A. Talke, F. Lisdat, (poster prize)
"Sensorial detection of the monoamine oxidase B (Mao B) activity"
S. Zhao, M. Riedel, S. Morlock, Z. Yue, W. Parak, F. Lisdat,
"Hybrid nanoparticles for expoitation of surface plasmon effects in photoelectrochemical sensing"