EnFI 2014 - Engineering of Functional Interfaces

EnFI 2014 - Engineering of Functional Interfaces,

Jülich, 14.-15.07.2014

Posterbeiträge der AG Biosystemtechnik

M. Riedel, F. Lisdat,
"Improved performance of impedimetric DNA detection"

K. R. Stieger, S. C. Feifel, F. Lisdat,
"Engineering of photobiovoltaic interfaces in mono- and multylayer arrangements of photosystem I and cytochrome c"

S. C. Feifel, K. R. Stieger, R. Ludwig, F. Lisdat,
"Nanobiomolecular clusters on electrodes: Formation of an artificial switchable cascadic reactionscheme for multiplex sensing"