Transducers’07 & Eurosensors XXI, June 10 - 14, 2007, Lyon, France


Lyon, Frankreich, 2007

Beiträge der TH Wildau


Ch. Stoll, M. Zanella, W. Parak, F. Lisdat,
“A photo-switchable signal chain for superoxide detection using a CdSe/ZnS modified gold electrode”

F. Lisdat, R.V. Dronov; D.G. Kurth, H. Möhwald, F. Scheller,
“Protein assemblies on gold using polyelectrolytes for the construction of analytical signal chains”

O. Pänke, J. Kafka, F. Lisdat,
“Voltammetric analysis of DNA films immobilized on gold film electrodes carring single base pair mismatches”