XXIV International Symposium BES

XXIV International Symposium on Bioelectrochemistry and Bioenergetics of the Bioelectrochemical Society BES, 03.-07.07.2017, Lyon, France

Beiträge der TH Wildau


K. R. Stieger, S. C. Feifel, M. Hejazi, A. Kölsch, H. Lokstein, A. Zouni, F. Lisdat,
"Photoactive biohybrid electrodes based on photosystem I and a small redox protein"

G. Fusco, G. Favero, G. Göbel, F. Lisdat, F. Mazzei,
"Polymer-supported electron transfer of PQQ-dependent glucose dehydrogenase at carbon nanotubes modified by electropolymerized polythiophene"


S. C. Feifel, A. Kapp, M. Piccioli, D. Weber, M. Allegrozzi, G. Fusco, P. Turano, F. Lisdat,
"Study on cytochrome c self exchange in solution and within multilayers on modified gold electrodes"

M. Riedel, W. J. Parak, F. Lisdat,
"Mediated and light-triggered electron transfer between quantum dots and enzymes as basis for photocatalytic biohybrid systems"