Wildau Welcome IT School has started!
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Wildau Welcome IT School has started!

TH Wildau welcomes Ukrainian students (Bachelor and Master) interested in IT and computer science to acquire up to 30 credit points in the running summer-semester.

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Vyshyvanka Day at TH Wildau

Yesterday (May 19) Wildau Welcome IT School represenatives supported the Ukrainian National Day of Vyshyvanka - which is a name of an embroidered shirt - a traditional ukrainian costume.

Initially suggested by a student of Chernivtsi University, Lesia Voroniuk, Vyshyvanka Day was an ordinary day when Lesia and her classmates decided to wear vyshyvanka shirts together. At first, several students and faculty members joined this idea to dress in embroidered shirts. Though in the following years, it became a holiday that grew to an all-Ukrainian level.

Learn more about the Vyshyvanka Day here.

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Wildau Welcome IT School for Ukrainian Students has started!

The school aims to offer students who fled from Ukraine and had to interrupt their studies to continue their education at TH Wildau (Berlin) in order not to lose a semester at their home university.

The program started on May 9 and will run for 15 weeks until August 19. 

An attractive program in the field of IT/computer science meets demands of a Bachelor and a Master program and allows to acquire up to 30 ECTS.

Candidates will be enrolled in a running study program at TH Wildau and will be offered modules of 5 ECTS each with 4 lessons per week. Successful completion will be awarded with a certificate for acknowledgement of credits in Ukraine.

New: Reading corner with Ukrainian Literature

Heads of the school

    Prof. Dr. sc. hum. Marcus Frohme

Prof. Dr. sc. hum. Marcus Frohme Prof. Dr. sc. hum. Marcus Frohme

Tel.: +49 3375 508 249
Mail: marcus.frohme@th-wildau.de
Web: http://www.th-wildau.de/molekularbiologie
Haus 16, Raum 2008

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