BMDV-Roadshow Radverkehr Juni 2023
Radfahrer auf Radstreifen als Zeichen der neuen Mobilität

BMDV-Roadshow Radverkehr Juni 2023

15. Juni 2023: Roadshow Radverkehr lädt ein zum Lunch Talk „The power of cycling to transform communities” (Aufzeichnung verfügbar)

Date: 15th June 2023

Organizer: TH Wildau as part of the Bicycle professorships by the Federal Ministry for Digital and Transport


The event opens with a keynote by Olatunji Oboi Reed.
Olatunji Oboi Reed is the founding President & CEO of the Equiticity Racial Equity Movement. Equiticity is operationalizing racial equity by harnessing collective power through research, advocacy, programs, Community Mobility Rituals, and social enterprises to improve the lives of marginalized communities.

Oboi will be discussing the vision and mission of Equiticity, and the organization's work to operationalize racial equity, mobility justice and environmental justice. Oboi will also discuss the work needed to reimagine cycling for racially marginalized communities. He will both challenge the status quo in the transportation sector and offer tactical solutions to solve racialized transportation inequities and other compounding inequities across domains. His presentation will push the transportation sector to reimagine itself and its purpose in our society, and recognize the urgent need to shift how the sector operates.


The presentation is followed by a Q&A with Oboi Reed, Denise Kramer and comments from the audience (starting at 27:50).


For further questions regarding the event please reach out to radverkehr(at)