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Program 2019 - 2021

The project is focused on the academic mobility of students and professors in the area of renewable energy and new technologies between the countries of West Africa and Europe. It constitutes an action of academic mobility of Bachelor, Master and PhD student training programs. Accordingly, the project contributes to teaching and scientific support in the development of a sustainable energy industry.

The Long-term cooperation activities of the project are derived from the Renewable Energy Conference in the University of Kara on July 23rd – 24th, 2020. Academic community of West Africa is invited to participate of this conference where bachelor’s and master’s students awarded as the best article/poster will receive a scholarship to develop projects in Germany as a result of their outstanding participation. The exchange will take place on October 2020 (1-month scholarship) and March 2021 (3 months Scholarship).

Three workshops in Germany are available for professors from West Africa interested in conducting an exchange. They will develop the workshop sessions as a part of the lectures, taking part as guest lecturers. The activities should be scheduled for one week. Workshops could be held in November 2020, October and November 2021.

Organized by Technical University of Applied Sciences Wildau and sponsored by DAAD – German Academic Exchange Service.


The Aim

The aim of the project is to develop a support network for engineers in utilization of regenerative energies, promoting academic mobility between the countries of West Africa and Europe.

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Countries and Universities


  • TH-Wildau                                               




Ivory Coast



Burkina Faso

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Ron van de Sand

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