3rd EBS 2021

Great Success for the EBS Online 2021

The working group Biosystems Technology has organised the European Biosensorsymposium 2021 as an online event in order to replace the conference planed for Aachen in presence which could not be held because of the Corona pandemics.
Within a very short time period the conference was organised here in Wildau and excceeded all expectations. There was strong interest of young researchers and thus, 250 registered participants could be counted and contributions from 27 countries have been presented.

Participants have been enthysiastic because of the good organisation and the interaction possibilities which have been created in order to stimulate exchange.
Please have a look on the Website for the programme and the responses of participants:

EBS 2021

The 3rd European Biosensor Symposium

09.-12.03.2021 (Online Conference)

Beiträge der TH Wildau:


M. Riedel, A. Ruff, W. Schuhmann, F. Lisdat, F. Conzuelo,
"Light-triggered biocatalytic reactions for multiplexed sensing"

S. Höfs, A. Talke, F. Lisdat, (oral Prize)
"Enzyme activity determination of human monoamine oxidase B (Mao B) by amperometric hydrogen peroxide detection"

M. Riedel, G. Göbel, O. Nagel, W. Wirges, V. Scherbahn, C. Beta, R. Niedl, F. Lisdat,
"Paper-based electrodes for bioanalytical applications"


G. Göbel, A. Talke, U. Ahnert, F. Lisdat,
"Voltammetric activity determination of the human catechol-Omethyl transferase at fluorine doped tin oxide"

M. Riedel, S. Höfs, S. Morlock, F. Lisdat,
"A photobioelectrochemical biofuel cell: exploiting light and biofuels for energetics",