Interdisciplinary Module (in English)
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Interdisciplinary Module


Executive Coaching / Coaching for Executives

Prof. Dr. Peter Bultmann

Introduction to Strategic Management

Simon Devos

Science in Germany

Prof. Dr. Marcus Frohme

Sustainability - Climate Change & Renewable Energy Sources

Prof. Dr. Lutz Giese

Advanced Analytical Techniques in Biosciences: From Basics to Applications

Dr. Sergii Grebinyk

Biology for Computer Scientists

Dr. Anna Grebinyk

Entrepreneurship - How to start your own business

Dr. Paul Hammer

Plastics: Recycling and Sustainability

Prof. Dr. Michael Herzog

Flight control systems as an example to show different soft- and hardware aspects for safety critical systems engineering

Prof. Dr. Arndt Hoffmann

Intro to Transportation Systems Technology

Prof. Dr. Christian Liebchen

Business Process Management and Automation

Prof. Dr. Alexander Lübbe

Sustainable development goals-best practices/ Changing values in codes

Stefanie Martin

The European Union – Myths & Mysteries

Prof. Dr. Stephan Meyer

Idea generation and prototyping in the maker space environment

Prof. Dr. Dana Mietzner & Isabell Weidlich

Magnetic nanomaterials: From fundamentals to data storage applications mitz-Antonia

Prof. Dr. Schmitz-Antoniak

Modern telecommunication: How to communicate with speed of light

Dr. Patrick Steglich

The higher education system in Germany: historical development, characteristics and current challenges

Prof. Dr. Ulrike Tippe